Brosectomies at Buenafe Clinic

A brosectomy is when a group of friends all undergo a vasectomy procedure together, at the same time. 

The appeal of a vasectomy party or brosectomy is that one individual doesn’t have to go through the experience alone. Undergoing the procedure with a friend, or friends, makes it more bearable for some. For a brosectomy, a group of friends book their respective vasectomies, at the same medical clinic, on the same day. Since a vasectomy is a short procedure, this is not difficult to accomplish.

After the surgeries are complete, you and your friends could relax together, stay in a hotel overnight, or rent a cabin somewhere to hang out and relax. This way, you and your friends would go through the procedure together and heal together as well.

Benefits Of A Brosectomy Vs A Regular Vasectomy

While the idea of a vasectomy party may sound unusual, there are several advantages, such as:

  • Giving you more determination to carry out the procedure
  • Reducing anxiety surrounding the operation since you are going with a friend
  • Strengthening your friendships

There is absolutely no drawback to getting a vasectomy with a friend if you are anxious about it and believe it could help you have a better experience.

Planning Your Brosectomy

Here are a few tips for planning your group vasectomy procedure and making it a memorable and calm experience.

  • Contact your clinic early and have a good understanding of the amount of procedures they can accommodate in one day.
  • Plan your procedure on a day when you will have at least two rest days afterwards. Planning on Friday is a good idea so you can have Saturday and Sunday off.
  • Arrange some fun activities you can do with your friends that allow you to relax for the two weeks following your procedure.
Please note, facemasks were only briefly removed to take the picture.
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The No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy is a specialized procedure offered at Buenafe Clinic. It is a tried-and-true method that delivers a rapid and nearly painless surgery.

Dr. Jay takes great pride in offering his patients a stress-free vasectomy procedure. He is available by phone or in-office for questions or consultations. He also provides his personal cell phone to all post-op patients for 24/7 care.