What to Expect After a Vasectomy Surgery?

This article will break down what you should expect post vasectomy surgery.

Day of Vasectomy:

 You may experience a small amount of bleeding which is very normal post surgery. It will also be normal to feel a little bit of discomfort in your scrotal area. Dr. Buenafe from Buenafe Clinics recommends bed rest for the remainder of the day and evening following your procedure (movie night anyone?).

For the first 48 hours:

To ease the pain, Dr. Buenafe recommends you take 2 tablets of extra-strength Tylenol every 5 hours. Dr. Buenafe also recommends icing the area for 20 minutes every hour (except while you are sleeping of course). During the healing process, try to also avoid alcohol.

A few days after your Vasectomy:

You may still experience some bleeding a few days post surgery. Dr. Buenafe recommends putting the antibiotic ointment on the gauze and change the gauze twice a day. Do this until there is no more blood, then just wear the scrotal support provided by the doctor over your underwear without the gauze. Dr. Buenafe suggests wearing the scrotal support over the underwear all the time for at least 7 days post-surgery (except while you are sleeping).

For 7 days after your Vasectomy:

The following list are things you should avoid for a minimum of 7 days post surgery:

  • no bathing or swimming (except for showers)
  • no sex or ejaculation
  • no lifting more than 15 lbs. (including babies and children)
  • no exercise
  • no extensive walking/climbing
  • no sports (golf, hockey, hiking, etc)

After 7 days of your Vasectomy:

After 7 days of your Vasectomy procedure, you will be able to ease back into your usual activities. At this time, it will be safe to resume exercise, heavier work and lifting, but remember to increase gradually over many days to what you were lifting pre-vasectomy surgery.

Two Months after your Vasectomy:

At the two month mark post-procedure, you will want to conduct an analysis of your semen. After your surgery with Dr. Buenafe, you will be asked to conduct your first post vasectomy analysis at the two month mark. One month after this, Dr. Buenafe conducts another analysis of your semen. Studies say that a one time post vasectomy analysis usually at the two month mark is enough to test the success of the surgery. Other studies suggest getting extra reassurance by doing a second analysis usually four week after the first analysis is done. Dr. Buenafe choosesto provide extra reassurance to his patients by conducting a second analysis to be safe. During this time you will also want to continue to use other methods of birth control until you have received your semen test results and have been told that you can stop using your current birth control method. You have come this far, so why not confirm that everything is good to go!

When you book your appointment with Dr. Buenafe of Buenafe Clinics, you will receive a step by step information manual which will outline everything that needs to be done pre and post vasectomy procedure. For more information on the procedure or to download the information manual, click here.