Is Vasectomy Harmful to My Health?

Vasectomy is among the most preferred birth control options for men. Even though it is the most preferred birth control option, men have a number of serious concerns related to the harmful effects that the surgery can have on their afterlife. Mentioned below are some of the hardly possible harmful side effects of a vasectomy:

Possible Side Effects

·         Blood in your semen

·         Infection of the surgery site

·         Swelling

·         Blood clot inside the scrotum

·         Bruising of your scrotum

Delayed Complications

·         Inflammation

·         Fluid build up in testicle

·         Chronic pain (very rare)

Apart from these, men worry about other serious problems, most of which are unfounded. Some of them are listed below:

·         Affect Sexual Performance

Vasectomy only prevents you from fathering a child; it does not affect your masculinity or sex drive.

·         Damage to Sexual Organs

There is no or very little risk to your penis, testicles or other reproductive organs subjected to the vasectomy surgery.

·         Risk of Certain Cancers

There are some concerns related to possible risks of prostate and testicular cancer as a result of a vasectomy, but there are no proven links.

·         Risk of Heart Disease

Just as the case of cancer, though there are concerns related to heart problems after a vasectomy, there are no proven links in this case either.

·         Severe Pain

You may have minor pain during and after few days of the surgery. However severe pain during or after the vasectomy procedure is very rare.

In short, most of the concerns related to vasectomy are not proven and so they do not need to be considered as serious side effects of a vasectomy surgery. However, every individual being different, we recommend you to discuss in detail with your doctor before you make yourselves ready for the surgery.