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What are the Different Types of Vasectomy Procedures?

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control or sterilization option for men. There are several methods of vasectomy performed by a doctor or surgeon. The pain, discomfort and time consumed for the individual method is what makes them differ from each other. Here is a look at the different types of vasectomy procedures that are available: Conventional Vasectomy In conventional vasectomy, an incision will be made on one side of the scrotum, from which one vas deferens will be taken out followed by fitting with two clamps. The segment between the clamps will then be removed and the two open ends are sealed with sutures and cauterized with an electric needle. The sealing technique may not be the same in all cases. Sometimes it can be typing or clipping. Once the sealing procedure is done, the vas deferens will be gently placed back into the scrotum and the same process will be done on the other vas deferens as well. The scrotum area will be injected with local anesthesia prior to this process. The process of injecting anesthesia can be painful. However, if permitted, the patient can apply any anesthetic cream to reduce the pain during the injection. […]

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Why Should I Consult a Doctor Before my Vasectomy?

Men willing to undergo a vasectomy are recommended to consult a physician before undergoing the procedure. If you are looking into a vasectomy as a permanent birth control option, part of your research should include a consultation with your physician. This consultation should help you answer any questions or doubts that you may have and wish to discuss with the surgeon. It is during this consultation that you get to know more about vasectomy and whether this is the best option for you as a permanent birth control method. […]

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Vasectomy vs. Tubal Ligation: Which is the Better Option?

Tubal ligation is permanent birth control option for women. In this procedure, the fallopian tubes are blocked to prevent eggs moving from ovary through fallopian tubes and thereby preventing them from meeting the sperm. On the other hand, vasectomy is a permanent birth control option for men in which the vas deferens tubes are tied and cauterised to prevent the transport of sperm during ejaculation. Among these two procedures, vasectomy is  considered to be more simple and a safer method of birth control. If you are looking for a more permanent form of birth control in your relationship and are looking at different options for both men and women, this article will outline two of the more permanent options for men and women to help make an informed decision. Based on our findings, it seems that more people prefer a vasectomy over tubal ligation for many different personal and medical reasons which are discussed below. […]

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What is a No-Needle Anesthesia Vasectomy?

The idea of inserting a needle near the sensitive private area is one of the things that men fear about vasectomy. The advancement in the field of science has brought out newer techniques that enable physicians to apply a no-needle anesthesia which is virtually painless. Prior to the vasectomy procedure, anesthesia will be given in order to numb the tissue and skin. In the traditional method, physicians would insert a needle into the scrotum to numb the area around each vas deferens. Using a needle for anesthesia is the main factor that makes vasectomy painful. However, with newer technology a jet-spray injection is made use of to numb the skin and tissue instead of using needles. Apart from reducing anxiety, this method is reported to have high patient satisfaction and low pain. […]

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