What do I Need to do Before my Vasectomy Procedure?

Prior to your vasectomy procedure, there are a few precautions you will need to be aware of to get yourself prepared for the procedure. For 7 days before your Vasectomy Procedure: Do not take Aspirin or any other product containing ASA; NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen or  Anticoagulants such as Warfarin.

Will I be Sterile Right Away After a Vasectomy?

After your no-scalpel vasectomy procedure with Dr. Buenafe you will receive instructions on a variety of post-surgery aspects such as post-care, possible risks and complications and what to expect post vasectomy procedure. One common question that is asked is how soon can I be sexually active? The answer is to wait at least 7 days […]

Is a Vasectomy Reversible?

Vasectomy is considered to be a permanent birth control option for men, however, the procedure is reversible. The advancement in the field of microsurgery has increased the success rate of a vasectomy reversal procedure. Nearly 527,000 men in the United States undergo a vasectomy each year. Out of those, 7% later opt for a vasectomy […]