What to Expect After a Vasectomy Surgery?

This article will break down what you should expect post vasectomy surgery. Day of Vasectomy:  You may experience a small amount of bleeding which is very normal post surgery. It will also be normal to feel a little bit of discomfort in your scrotal area. Dr. Buenafe from Buenafe Clinics recommends bed rest for the […]

What Makes Dr. Buenafe’s Vasectomy Clinic Unique?

No Scalpel Dr. Buenafe offers a no-scalpel vasectomy technique which is an open-ended vasectomy which means the open end of the vas tube permits sperm to leak out, break down and be absorbed. With the no-scalpel technique, there may be less post-operative discomfort because there is no sudden pressure back-up to the testicles. Vasectomy reversal […]

About Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is an uncommon occurrence that can happen to a small number of men after a vasectomy procedure. This syndrome can begin immediately after the vasectomy or many months or even years after the vasectomy has been completed.