Will I be Sterile Right Away After a Vasectomy?

After your no-scalpel vasectomy procedure with Dr. Buenafe you will receive instructions on a variety of post-surgery aspects such as post-care, possible risks and complications and what to expect post vasectomy procedure. One common question that is asked is how soon can I be sexually active? The answer is to wait at least 7 days after your surgery and only if you are not feeling too sore. However, one important factor is that you continue your prior method of birth control until your sperm is sterile. Your sperm will not be sterile right away after a vasectomy.

 After a vasectomy, there are always some active sperm in your system. It usually takes three months plus 20 ejaculations to be sure to clear the active sperm in your system. Within this time, it is highly recommended that you continue use of some form of birth control during sexual activity. To be safe, you and your partner should use birth control until two semen tests confirm that your semen no longer carries sperm. Dr. Buenafe conducts two separate semen tests for his patients post vasectomy procedure.

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