What Makes Dr. Buenafe’s Vasectomy Clinic Unique?

No Scalpel

Dr. Buenafe offers a no-scalpel vasectomy technique which is an open-ended vasectomy which means the open end of the vas tube permits sperm to leak out, break down and be absorbed. With the no-scalpel technique, there may be less post-operative discomfort because there is no sudden pressure back-up to the testicles. Vasectomy reversal may also be easier to perform later, if required.

No Needle Anesthesia

Dr. Buenafe Clinics also offers a no-needle anesthesia for your vasectomy procedure. With a no-needle anesthesia, a local anesthetic can be delivered through the skin with an air injector instead of using a needle. This technique is virtually painless and has the added benefit of not using a needle. This no-needle anesthesia is optional for all patients.

 24-Hour Availability

With Dr. Buenafe, after every surgery you will receive 24/7 personalized assistance from Dr. Buenafe himself. Dr. Buenafe conducts the vasectomy surgeries and takes the additional step of offering all of his patients his personal cell phone number in case of any trouble post surgery. This personalized care is what makes coming to Dr. Buenafe’s clinic unique. Dr. Buenafe’s patients also find the take-home information manual very useful after a surgery as it outlines what to do pre and post surgery and possible outcomes and treatments.

Client Care

Dr. Buenafe prides himself on offering the best client care to all of his patients. He ensures all of his staff members are equipped to answer any questions that patients may have. Dr. Buenafe’s patients are grateful for his client care techniques, patience in explaining the procedures and his 24/7 availablility. Surgery can be nerve-racking and Dr. Buenafe’s mission is to ease the process as much as possible to make the patient and his family more comfortable.


Dr. Buenafe has been in family medicine for over 8 years in Manitoba. Dr. Buenafe decided to expand his expertise by training and practicing with the best in vasectomy procedures. Dr. Buenafe studied and trained with Dr. Neil Pollock and Dr. Michele Labreque, two pioneer and foremost authorities in North America on the no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy procedure. Dr. Buenafe’s expertise, professionalism and client care is seen by all his patients. Dr. Buenafe does not use local hospitals because that would mean a long wait for you to have the procedure. By setting up his own private surgical centre, Dr. Buenafe has created a convenient situation for patients – you can be seen for your consultation and have your surgery within days or weeks of calling the office.