About Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome

Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome is an uncommon occurrence that can happen to a small number of men after a vasectomy procedure. This syndrome can begin immediately after the vasectomy or many months or even years after the vasectomy has been completed.

The frequency of this problem varies amongst given practitioners. Some studies reports as high as one third of men after vasectomy have some type of lingering discomfort. Other studies report that the frequency of post vasectomy pain is one case in thousands. Due to the wide variations in the incidence of post vasectomy pain in the practices of different vasectomy surgeons, it is important that each surgeon give their patients an accurate account of what the risks of post vasectomy pain syndrome would be in their specific practice.

There are some speculative causes of post vasectomy pain syndrome in patients, which include:

  • A “rough” surgery where significant amounts of tissue and nerves have been disrupted and/or tied that have caused lingering irritation of the nerves. While this may be a cause of post vasectomy pain syndrome, we believe that this would be less common in patients utilizing the services of an experienced doctor who has performed many vasectomy procedures with minimal side effects.
  • A closed-ended vasectomy could cause a congestive state in the epididymis from back pressure to the epididymis and testes. Some authors believe that by blocking both the upper and lower cut ends of the vas tube the normal passage of sperm from the penis and away from the epididymis and testes causes a build up of pressure, thus ensuing pain. Studies have shown that this situation can be prevented to a large degree by performing an open-ended vasectomy as performed by Dr. Buenafe. In carrying out an open-ended vasectomy, the lower or testicular end of the cut vas is left open, thereby allowing the sperm to drain out of the tube preventing a build up of pressure.
  • Shorter term causes of post vasectomy pain include infection and post operative inflammation which tends to resolve itself with the appropriate medications. These shorter term causes rarely persists long enough to fall into the category of becoming chronic.

There are other speculative causes of post vasectomy pain syndrome that can occur on rare occasions in patients. In order to help avoid this syndrome from occurring, ensure that you do your research and obtain the services of a skilled and expert doctor who has experience performing low risk vasectomy procedures. To read more on post vasectomy pain syndrome, click here: http://www.vasectomymanitoba.ca/common-questions.php#faq10.