What is a No-Needle Anesthesia Vasectomy?

The idea of inserting a needle near the sensitive private area is one of the things that men fear about vasectomy. The advancement in the field of science has brought out newer techniques that enable physicians to apply a no-needle anesthesia which is virtually painless.

Prior to the vasectomy procedure, anesthesia will be given in order to numb the tissue and skin. In the traditional method, physicians would insert a needle into the scrotum to numb the area around each vas deferens. Using a needle for anesthesia is the main factor that makes vasectomy painful. However, with newer technology a jet-spray injection is made use of to numb the skin and tissue instead of using needles. Apart from reducing anxiety, this method is reported to have high patient satisfaction and low pain.

Advantages of No Needle Anesthesia Vasectomy

No needle anesthesia has three main benefits in comparison to the traditional method:

  1. Less pain during the procedure

  2. Reduces fear in patients

  3. Comparatively simple surgical procedure

Unlike the traditional method, no needle anesthesia is simple and safe with better patient satisfaction. Men prefer to have a no-needle approach for their vasectomy as it is virtually painless and lowers fear prior to the surgery.