Family Planning for Men with Families

You may think that married men don’t need to be concerned with birth control.  But of course family planning is part of life and part of marriage – for both men and women. Vasectomy is one of the most effective and affordable family planning solutions available.

That’s what brought John Donovan to Dr. Buenafe’s clinic.  Married with three great kids, John and his wife knew their family was already the perfect size.  The question was how to best avoid additional pregnancies.

Surgical Options: Women vs Men

For a woman to permanently end the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, the solution is bilateral tubal ligation, also known as “getting your tubes tied.” The operation is considered major surgery, requiring hospitalization and general anaesthesia. Also, there is still a small risk of an ectopic pregnancy – where a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the uterus.

Vasectomy, the male equivalent, is much less invasive.  The procedure is so safe, it’s done right in our clinic and takes under half hour.  We use a no-scalpel, no needle technique, along with a local freezing cream to numb the genital area.  A single tiny puncture is made in the scrotum to access the vas deferens – tubes that carry sperm to the urethra. The tubes are cut quickly and painlessly – we don’t even use stitches, unlike traditional vasectomy procedures.

Traditional Method: Two incisions requiring stitches


No Scalpel Method: One incision, no stitches to close

Think of Vasectomy as Permanent

Talking things out with your spouse or partner is an important component of family planning.  Everyone needs to be on the same page.  Vasectomy should be considered a permanent procedure – so if you or your partner are uncertain, it’s probably best to wait.  Though vasectomy can be reversed, the success rate varies, depending on how long ago you had the surgery.  After 10 years out, the success of a reversal drops substantially.

We can also recommend options for the cryopreservation of sperm – freezing samples that could be used for fertilization at a later date.  This provides an alternative to vasectomy reversal should something change and you wish to have additional children.

Sterilization isn’t Immediate

Though a vasectomy stops the further transfer of sperm, there is already sperm in your semen that is still active. Until Dr. Buenafe advises otherwise, you and your spouse or partner should continue to use birth control.  During the first couple of months after your procedure, you will provide semen samples for testing.  The lab will forward the results for the doctor’s review. Once he’s satisfied that there is no more sperm in the semen – Dr. Buenafe will let you know that birth control is no longer required.


Men who have a vasectomy report that sex is more enjoyable and spontaneous once the concern of an unwanted pregnancy is removed.  Not just for them, but for their spouse or partner as well.

There’s no change in sexual desire or performance. No impact at all on testosterone levels. No more paying for pills or shots or condoms.  Vasectomy is an affordable, one-time expenditure.

Men like John who choose a sensible and affordable solution are doing what men do best – planning how to best provide for their family’s future.  And their wives love them for it.