Facts on Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy is among the most preferred birth control options for men. Most people consider it as a permanent choice. However, it does not have to be. Men are still left with an option of having a vasectomy reversal, a procedure that allows them to expand their family. With more and more men getting to know this option, there is a growing demand for a vasectomy reversal. Loss of a child or a new marriage may raise the need of having a child even after a vasectomy. People have a number of misconceptions with respect to the vasectomy reversal procedure. Listed below are some of the facts related to this procedure:

Simple and Quick

Depending on the vasectomy procedure, the doctor either re-routes or clamps the vas deferens in order to block the sperm from the testicles and then out of the penis. In the vasectomy reversal procedure, the passageway is restored to allow the sperm to pass through the testicles and then out of the penis. Microsurgery techniques will be used to join back the tubing. The surgery will last for nearly two hours and you will be allowed to go home the same day.

Testicles Never Stop Sperm Generation

This may be a surprise for many men, but it is a fact. Even after a vasectomy, your testicles continue producing sperm. Vasectomy does not hinder the production of sperm; it only stops its passage out of the penis. Thus, your fertility can be restored by a vasectomy reversal. You will have to abstain from sex for about 3 or 4 weeks after the reversal surgery. After that period, you can start trying for a child.

Time is Not a Factor

A common misconception is that a reversal will not be successful if a man had a vasectomy done years ago. This is not true in all the cases. Vasectomy reversals have been successful in men who have had vasectomy several years ago. Time can be a concern only if the vasectomy procedure was not done smoothly. If any unintended damage was caused to your testicles, a vasectomy reversal may or may not help you in expanding your family.

Fertility is a Factor

A vasectomy reversal may not yield fruitful results if the person has fertility issues. If men wish to undergo a vasectomy reversal in future, it is recommended to make sure they do not have any fertility issues before undergoing the vasectomy procedure. For men suffering from fertility issues, a vasectomy reversal may not be their best bet.

However, with different opinions and discussions being conducted on the success and failure rate of vasectomy reversals, it is recommended to seek the advice and suggestions of a doctor before undergoing a vasectomy and/or vasectomy reversal.