Can Pregnancy Occur Even After You Have Had A Vasectomy?

Even though a vasectomy surgery is among the most effective birth control options for men, there are some precautions that must be taken post procedure for some time to avoid unwanted pregnancy. After a vasectomy procedure, sperm still remains in the ejaculation for the first few months after the surgery. Until your doctor gives you an all clear approval, you will have to continue using an alternative birth control method.

 Another reason why some women become pregnant after their partners received a vasectomy surgery is due to recanalization. This occurs when the vas deferens grows back and connects back as usual.

A survey was conducted by a medical journal in which 500 women whose partners received a vasectomy procedure were questioned. 6 out of the questioned women became pregnant within the first 6 years post vasectomy surgery.  3 out of the 6 became pregnant within the first 3 months post vasectomy, which is thought to have happened as they failed to use alternative birth control method as instructed by their physicians. 2 other pregnancies out of the 6 are thought to be because of recanalization.

Timely consulting your physician post vasectomy can help avoid unwanted pregnancy. Once they undergo a vasectomy procedure, some men do not bother to keep up their appointment with the physician. Such men fail to get a regular update of their sperm count to find out if their semen is free of sperm.