Birth Control Options for Men – Comparing Different Methods

There are different types of birth control options for men. The procedure, effectiveness, convenience and reversibility being different for different methods, it is up to you to choose the right method based on your comfort. Mentioned below are some of the birth control options for men:


Procedure: A No-Scalpel Technique Vasectomy is an open-ended vasectomy, where the vas deferens tubes are cut from the testicles but left open or uncauterized while the end of the tube leading to the penis is closed. The open end of the tube allows for sperm to leak out, which allows the   sperm to break down and be absorbed by the body.

Convenience: It is a permanent birth control option.

Effectiveness: A vasectomy is 100% effective after 3 months.

Reversibility: Yes, it is reversible.

RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance)

Procedure: In this method a mixture of copolymer styrene maleic anhydride and dimethyl sulphoxide will be injected into the vas deferens. This mixture interacts with fluids in your body to generate an electrical charge. The electrical charge in turn negates the sperm membrane and causes disintegration.

Convenience: One RISUG injection can have effective results for up to 10 years.

Effectiveness: According to Sujoy Guha, the lead researcher, if injected correctly, the injection is a 100% effective birth control option for men.

Reversibility: Injecting sodium bicarbonate into the vas deferens or performing massage, mechanical vibrations followed by electrical stimulus can reverse the procedure.


Procedure: This method is similar to RISUG. Here an active ingredient styrene maleic anhydride will be injected into vas deferens. While passing through the vas deferens, it disrupts the sperm’s membrane and kills it.

Convenience: One Vasalgel injection can have effective results for many years.

Effectiveness: Efficacy is similar to that of vasectomy.

Reversibility: This process has shown 100% reversibility in animals. Reversibility still needs to be tested on human beings.

Contraceptive Gel

Procedure: Testosterone and Progestin hormones are rubbed onto the skin in the form of gel. The presence of Progestin suppresses the production of testosterone and as a result spermatogenesis as well. The testosterone added takes care of other natural things that it does like the muscle mass and libido.

Convenience: It is simple to apply the gel just like applying sunscreen to skin that too only once a day.

Effectiveness: This contraceptive gel is an 85% effective birth control option.

Reversibility: This is a reversible process. As you stop using this gel, the sperm will start swimming with full strength.